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10 All-Time Best Cartoon Theme Songs

In the days of the Saturday Morning Cartoon, some shows were only as good as its opening theme song. I’m not saying I didn’t love these shows, I just love a good theme song. I’m going to list and rank my 10 all-time favorites.

10.) Scooby Doo

Let me keep it real – this is just here to represent the old-time classics. Still a good bop though.

9.) Kim Possible

F*ck what you heard, this is Christina Millian’s best musical work.

8.) Family Guy

Everybody knows this song.

7.) The Simpsons

Musical mastery. Just listen to all of the instruments.

6.) The Proud Family

A whole R&B hit.

5.) Hey Arnold

The jazz of it all. The bass line of it all. The saxophone of it all.

4.) Spongebob Squarepants

C’mon, this song taught us the word porous.

3.) Arthur

Of course my twin is Top 3. This is the jam.

2.) Duck Tales

This is my personal favorite theme song of all. You can bet it will be on my 2020 Spotify Wrapped playlist.

1.) Pokémon

This song is the best overall theme song of any cartoon, ever. Fight me.

I said what I said, but you can say what you say in the comments below. Post your list! Be sure to stay on the look out for new episodes of Top 10 Ranked!

What do you think?

Written by Alonté Cross

Alonté is a multi-disciplinary artist, creative entrepreneur and creator of Crossfade. Host of COOLIN' with AC, Fridays on X.FM+Discord!


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