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10 Best Michael Jackson Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard

Let’s be real, the guy has hundreds of songs on top of the ones from the J5 era. With that being said, there are way more than 10 songs you simps have probably never heard. I’ve done my best to pick ones I love the most, but I couldn’t fathom the idea of ranking them, so they are in no particular order. Discover the depths of Michael Jackson’s extensive catalog of musical gems.


Call On Me

Album: Farewell My Summer Love
Released: 1984

This. song. 🙌🏽 One of the best decisions execs at Motown made in ’84 was pulling this song out of the archives and releasing it with this album. The orchestra, the vocals and the lyrics are impeccable (Don’t get me started on that flute). This was legit the only song I listened to for the entire summer of 2011. The best part was cruising down Route 210 in the car with this on full blast.

Greatest Show On Earth

Album: Ben
Released: 1972

What a time to be alive, when love could be compared to a circus. I wasn’t alive…but, I imagine the metaphor really held up in the 70s. Anyway, this one slaps.

Don’t Let It Get You Down

Album: Farewell My Summer Love
Released: 1984

I’m so grateful for Farewell My Summer Love. It’s a compilation of previously archived recordings MJ songs from the early 70s. There are several and a half bops on it. People act like solo Michael debuted in ’79 with Off The Wall, but there is so much greatness in solo Motown Michael.

P.Y.T. 2008 Remix (with

Album: Thriller 25
Released: 2008

I was a sophomore in high school and this song was on repeat much of that year. It’s so cool to hear an already great record reimagined in a more modern way. was also a nice touch for the time. Those harmonies on the hook are addictive.

We’ve Had Enough

Album: The Ultimate Collection
Released: 2004

We’ve Had Enough is akin to the likes of any of Michael’s major humanitarian-conscious songs like, Man In The Mirror, Heal The World, and Cry. Speaking of Cry, this song was recorded in the Invicible album sessions in 1999-2000. My guess is, Cry beat out We’ve Had Enough for the slot for that type of song for that album. Fortunately, they knew the song was too powerful to leave unreleased forever.

Behind The Mask

Album: Michael
Released: 2010

I know, having anything from the Michael album is suspect, given the scam they pulled. Oh, you didn’t know they had an impersonator sing vocals on some of the songs? As if the MJFam wouldn’t know the difference. I always loved the Greg Phillinganes’ version of this song, maybe because I knew Michael wrote it? Behind The Mask is the single reason I’m alright with the Michael album ever existing. Besides, I’m in the official music video for this song, so I’m doubly biased.


Album: Thriller 25
Released: 2008

This one is very significant to me because it was almost responsible for me potentially never hearing my favorite song of all time. Carousel nearly had the coveted 7th slot on the Thriller album. However, by a divine bridge of events, Quincy Jones hears the demo of Human Nature, Michael records it and it takes the 7th spot and eventually reaches my ears and end up in a regular feedback loop on my speakers. While it’s no Human Nature, carousel is a great song.

Fly Away

Album: Bad (Special Edition)
Released: 2001

I remember getting the Special Edition Bad CD in the early 2000s and hearing this previously unreleased song. When those strings come in and MJ sings, “Our loves an ocean…” I was hooked.

Tabloid Junkie

Album: HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I
Released: 1995

I know MJ has been gone for over 10 years, but with the 2019 release of Finding Neverland, this song is still relevant. It’s lyrically relevant when it comes to his name, but even the sound is fresh. The vocal on the pre-hook, the stacks and harmonies on the hook and the beatboxing are crazy.

Someone Put Your Hand Out

Album: The Ultimate Collection
Released: 2004

This song was originally recorded during the Bad sessions in 1987 and then re-written with Teddy Riley in 1992, but it didn’t make it on the Dangerous album. It was used for promotional items for the Dangerous World Tour, but still widely unknown to people outside of the MJFam. The soprano and falsetto vocals are fire on this song.

Save the Hidden Gems: Michael Jackson playlist to your library to hear these and other “lesser known” classics from the King of Pop! #MJFam, chime in using the comment box below if there are any songs that should be in the playlist.

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