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Beck: Hyperspace Album Review

Up to this point, Beck wasn’t an artist I listened to at all. A friend recommended the album to me because she knows I am a fan of Pharrell Williams, who produced a lot of it. Off the top, the contemporary vaporwave aesthetic of Hypersapce is what drew me in. If the haunting, reverberating vocals atop the elongated synths of the opening track “Hyperlife” was any indication that the rest of the album would feel like the intergalactic odyssey I always wanted to go on, I knew I needed to keep listening.

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The Standout Tracks

1.) Hyperlife
2.) Uneventful Days
3.) Chemical
4.) See Through
5.) Hyperspace
6.) Stratosphere
7.) Star

This album has 11 songs and I’ve just listed 7 of them as standouts. It’s safe to say this is a great album. It has prompted me to take a deeper dive into Beck’s discography. I’m excited for what I might find.

Album Score

Album Score
Total Score iThis score is based on several factors contributing to the overall enjoyment of the album


  • Pharrell
  • Experimental vibes
  • Did I mention Pharrell?
  • Very dope concept
  • Cinematic visual sound


  • A couple of rapper features would have been cool to hear

What do you think?

Written by Alonté Cross

Alonté is a multi-disciplinary artist, creative entrepreneur and creator of Crossfade. Host of COOLIN' with AC, Fridays on X.FM+Discord!


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