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Meghan Trainor: Treat Myself Album Review

Meghan Trainor’s latest release, Treat Myself feels like a people pleasing attempt to stay within a certain lyrical formula, but misses the mark on freshness. I read that this album was slated to come out in 2018, but Meghan had so many song ideas that she wanted to wait until they all materialized before releasing it. Hearing something like that would build a level of anticipation high enough to keep any fan on the edge of their seat. Upon finishing all 15 tracks, I found myself wondering if it was worth the wait? I’m not an avid listener of her music so I’ll leave that for people that are to determine. Although the mix of sounds felt a bit overstimulating at times, I did find a few tracks that I could actually appreciate.

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Tracks Worth A Listen

  • Nice To Meet Ya
  • Funk*
  • No Excuses
  • Have You Now

*= Funk is the best track on the album in my opinion. It’s an easily repeatable song with a catchy hook, groovy instrumental and great vocal from MT. Although she genre bended on this track, it felt like she was truly in her element.

Again, I haven’t listened to a lot of Trainor’s discography up to this point. What I have heard from all three of her albums, there seems to be a topical pattern centered around women’s empowerment. This specifically shows up in lyrics referencing the female body, sex appeal, and relationship dynamics with men among others. Upon hearing these themes yet again in Treat Myself, to me it confirms its use as a marketing tool disguised as a worldview. Along with other things, women’s empowerment has become commodified over the years, so Trainor isn’t alone in the capitalization game, I just wonder how long it will serve her. 

Album Score

Album Score
Total Score iThis score is based on several factors contributing to the overall enjoyment of the album


  • Great vocal delivery in general
  • Funk is a great song


  • Overstimulating mix of sounds
  • Anticipation falls flat
  • Lacks freshness

What do you think?

Written by Alonté Cross

Alonté is a multi-disciplinary artist, creative entrepreneur and creator of Crossfade. Host of COOLIN' with AC, Fridays on X.FM+Discord!


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  1. I must agree with you! A friend recommended that I listen to hew album. Reluctantly, I did and was not impressed. I found it uninspiring and rather banal. However, I did like Funk. Great review, keep up coming!!

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