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Raven: INFRASOUNDS Album Review

When Raven-Symoné teased new music upon being unmasked on the hit FOX music show “The Masked Singer” last year, I was probably the first to get excited and ready. Then, in December when the 33000 EP dropped, I was definitely all in. That brings us to a few weeks ago when Raven began teasing her new album INFRASOUNDS, which just dropped today. She kicked things off with the experimental, rappy, and snappy promotional single “SPACETRUCK.” Do I like the song? I do, actually. Do I know what she’s talking about? Not really.

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Admittedly, my reaction to “SPACETRUCK” wasn’t as visceral as my reaction to say, “Microdosing” from the aforementioned EP, but I still looked forward to hearing the full album. After listening in full, I immediately wondered why she didn’t just wait a few more months to release the EP and craft a longer, more dynamic album to include those songs. On its own, INFRASOUNDS fell flat for me, but if it included the songs from 33000, it would’ve been more balanced and better overall.

It seems clear Raven wanted to highlight her finesse over bars with flow and West Coast-infused, experimental production. It felt a little more like fetus Raven from the “That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of” era trying to prove something. A track like “BU” honestly would have been enough to tick that box.

Memorable Lyrics

“I was on the Forbes list before my first kiss. I was playing witcha, witcha sista. Little did you know that now I’m playing witcha, witcha sista.”


It obvious that Raven’s new wave in music is as much about her personal and creative liberation as it is about the music itself. While that’s something I can always get behind, it just slaps a little harder when the music slaps a little harder.

Album Score

Album Score
Total Score iThis score is based on several factors contributing to the overall enjoyment of the album


  • Experimental vibes
  • Raven has bars
  • Creative interludes


  • 33000 should've been INFRASOUNDS
  • Not enough singing
  • Mostly one dimensional

What do you think?

Written by Alonté Cross

Alonté is a multi-disciplinary artist, creative entrepreneur and creator of Crossfade. Host of COOLIN' with AC, Fridays on X.FM+Discord!


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